Tuesday, November 04, 2008

Go Vote! - For the Record . . .

The sabbatical was very restful and productive; thanks for asking.

I voted in my precinct just before noon est; it took about a half hour start to finish.

Way to go G.R. MI!

However; I have a bone to pick with the Sec of State & the Election Commissioners; I did not get a receipt for my ballot. What's up with that? I am entitled to one, the machine had a little piece of paper sticking out of the receipt slot but did not produce anything relative to my ballot and the volunteer said; "No, you do not get one."


Moving along. I admit I was strangely nervous this year. That has never happened to me before. I am an Independent [position not party] so I split my ballot as a matter of course. Eight years ago I had to travel on election day, was so indecisive that if I had gotten to the precinct on time, I would not have been able to leave on time. Yeah, yeah I know, I could have thought things through a little better and voted absentee but I did not.

Four years ago I was pretty disgusted with the lack of respect shown the incumbent. Win or loose, the office of President deserves respect. Despite the fact that I did not especially like former President Clinton, I never spoke of him in the disrespectful terms President G.W. Bush has been subject to for the last eight years. It is President Bush, not mister or dubya and Dr. Condoleeza Rice, not condie!

That brings us to this year; I am disgusted at the vitriol with which many people have gone after Senator McCain and the bias and disrespect shown to Governor Palin and her family. The attacks have the same visciousness as the attacks on former President Clinton. I abhor that kind of public discourse. I am disappointed with both candidates and their supporters for their blatent lack of respect for the American Voter in this election; be it Joe SixPack, Joe the Plumber or the Hockey Moms out there.
You owed us a clean, issue-driven campaign and you reneged;
Shame on All of You. [Period]

I admit I was torn and spent more time listening to the candidates, their running mates, researching party planks and trying to see a clear path than even in 2000.
In the end, I voted true to the registered independent I am, split my ticket and voted in a way I never have before both nationally and locally. I, like many Americans, hope I have done the right thing for my country. May God have mercy on this country.