Friday, October 17, 2008

Sabatical: Two weeks off

The vacation or rather sabatical I was supposed to take over the summer was cut short however; due to the long anticipated clean-up after two years of construction going on all around my work, I now have two full weeks to myself. YaY!

What does this mean? What shall I do with this lovely gift of time? Frankly, I do not know . . .yet.
I do know I have plans to finally unpack the remaining boxes from my move a year and a half ago. I will mail the letter I wrote my mother a week or so ago.
After that; hmmmm.

Main Entry: 2sabbatical
Function: noun
Date: 1903
1 : sabbatical year 2 2 : leave 1b 3 : a break or change from a normal routine (as of employment)
from Merriam-Webster
"But sabbatical has an older sense that provides the key to its etymology. It is an adjective relating to the Jewish Sabbath. The term sabbatical year (1599) refers to Mosaic law that declares that all slaves must be freed and debts forgiven every seven years. The educational sense focused on the seven year requirement, hence the term, although the imagery of being released from slavery was probably appealing as well.

The word is taken from the sabbatum, which in turn is from the Hebrew shabbat, denoting the seventh day of the week." (from yahoo answers)

It seems to me making use of these two weeks to renew my spirit by study, prayer and meditation might be the most fruitful use of time. Who knows what may come of it? A calmer demeanor, peace full heart, renewed energy perhaps strengthened self-discipline?
None of these things could hurt in a world so anxious and uncertain, right?

If I had known this mini-sabbatical was coming I might have chosen to go camping. In light of the circumstances though I will make do. I even have a bag of microwave popcorn leftover.
So I am off on my mini-sabbatical at the end of the workday today armed with a full study course I downloaded and my yoga mat to keep me from getting creaky. I hope to add to that study time, finishing Josephus finally!

I will return to work just in time to pull the curtain behind me and vote. No voice-mail, no email, no blogging, no distractions.
Is it four o'clock yet?

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