Wednesday, November 12, 2008

False Prophet(s) ? and Racists, What a week!

I occasionally post at a website [not hosted by] where Christians post and debate a variety of topics. Some topics are interesting to me and some are not. More importantly, I have been familiar with some of the people who post there for almost ten years now. Last week sometime I posted the opening prayer of the State of Kansas Senate, which was not your usual 'bless us Father' type prayer according to the source from whence it came.

For my troubles, I received a one line email from somebody I do not know telling me that if I had any spiritual insight, I would "know better". The person who thought I should "know better" blogs here on
The author who wrote me the one liner and blogs here on can only be identified as "christian_lady [at] hotmail [dot] com". I wrote "christain_lady" to inquire if we knew each other and to start a dialogue but not surprising, I received no reply.

So I began my due diligence, found the blog "christian_lady" has here and began poking around. I discovered the whole achem; blog consists of identifying writers from the aformentioned site as "false-prophet so and so" and then condeming the author's viewpoint about; [fill-in-the-blank].
Interestingly there is no direct way to contact "christain_lady" nor is there a profile or an opportunity to post a comment or rebuttal on the author's blog.

I am sure the people at the aformentioned site have found "christian_lady" abrasive as did I.
I also find in interesting that "christian_lady" has for the last several months devoted her entire blog and writing to this one group.

Not to be outdone, in my own community I was labeled a racist. Why? Against my better judgement, I volunteered to help an organization on a temporary basis when they fell short of qualified personnel. The chairperson does not care all that much for me, got a bug-up and played the race card.

The week is only half over, Maranatha!