Sunday, September 25, 2011

ArtPrize brings out the Big Dogs

One thing I love about ArtPrize and other public events is that it brings out the Big Dogs.  Grand Rapidians have made a place for their best friends at events around town and this year is no exception. 

This handsome dog waits patiently for his master outside a venue during ArtPrize 2011.  He never flinched or wavered at the traffic in and out of the venue, or the heavy traffic on the sidewalk. 

I crept up on him slowly and quietly, fully expecting him to sense me in his space but he never lost focus on his master.

Eventually, I moved past him to get some shots from the opposite angle.  People continued to come and go, he decided it was time to settle in.

 I could not resist one more shot.


He settled himself for a little snooze.

He appears to be a mix, possibly lab and setter as he has rusty red highlights.  Both breeds can be high strung at times, especially before the end of their second year.

His unflappable focus is a compliment to his master who has obviously trained him very well.

Thank you Grand Rapidians who treat those of us who are dog lovers to a view of the Big Dogs every so often.