Tuesday, September 02, 2008

Cool Point to ABC's reporter Brian Ross

. . . for his series exposing the antics of lobbyists and convention delegates at both the DNC last week in Denver and the RNC this week in St Paul.

Not that these sorts of rule-bending shenanigans are anything new. Back in high school the event we looked forward to the most other than graduation was; "Mock Convention". Yes we did all the regular things which are part of the so-called real conventions, role call voting, crafting party planks and so forth. However we really looked forward to getting all dressed up and acting like fools to promote our candidate or party plank(s). Local talent got a chance to show off, silly hats and costumes were mandatory and a week of no classes for delegates was the real fun.

At some point we all grow up, or do we?
ABC first ran Brain Ross's piece a week ago during the DNC. Last night they ran the third in a series of reports on the lavish parties, golf outings and whatnot which big business's lobbyists provide for convention delegates; this time during the RNC despite candidate John McCain's clear request for delegates to tone it down in light of a potential repeat of the Gulf Coast's Katrina experience. Thankfully, Louisianna, Mississippi & Texas did not suffer the misery of three years ago. The President, Feds, state & local flunctionaries were on the ball this time and had contingency plans in place.

However; to those who did not heed candidate McCain's call for restraint; a big 'boo-hiss'! Even the opponents Obama & Biden targeted their message in Detroit Michigan to remember we are all in this together. Kinda makes the RNC convention slogan "Country First" seem shallow and pandering.