Tuesday, August 26, 2008

@ the MetroCruise

Disclaimer: not to be confused with the "Dream Cruise" . . .

I'm spoiled; there I admitted it. The Metro Detroit Dream Cruise spoiled me years ago.
I grew up just north of the Dream Cruise route, had birthday dinners at Ted's and so forth. However; some years ago I moved to west Michigan and left the Dream Cruise behind.

This year a friend of mine persuaded me to attend the fledgling "Metro Cruise" on Kent County's famous 28th Street. There was a threat of rain but not until later in the afternoon. We got started about three-ish in the afternoon while it was still as muggy as a Louisianan swamp.

As it turns out; we were in the wrong spot all together for the sorts of cars we would have liked to spend the bulk of our time viewing. We stayed down on the east end of 28th street. We saw a few cars we liked but we really should have been at the half-way point. Roger's Plaza is where I will spend most of my time next year.

My Flickr photo-stream has shots from this year's Metro Cruise. I am disappointed in that I did not get near the variety or novelty I used to get from the Woodward Avenue Dream Cruise. However; give Grand Rapids time, maybe two or three more years and some good weather. Then watch out metro Detroit!