Monday, August 18, 2008

@ the Office

I have returned to 'the bridge' for a spell and am doing double duty in the computer lab. I forgot the one part of the old job I really missed; tutoring. I have not tutored in two years, since the last stint at the mentor desk in the lab. Yes it has been two years since I sat at this desk, broke my first bone [link], sported a 'blue-star-mom' banner, had short hair and actually taught someone something useful to benefit their life.
Brass Sunburst Collar
On a brighter note, back in June just before the first ArtWalk show, I accidentally sprayed some of my jewelry with white paint instead of clear coat. I could not get all the paint off a couple of pieces, so I processed them with a patina. At the August ArtWalk the second of those pieces sold. I'm pretty happy they were not a total waste as they are made of a particular copper fiber I cannot easily replace. I was so exhausted I did not take pictures this month. [link to flickr]

The other show I was supposed to do in July has been reschedualed for September at Bethlehem Lutheran Church on Commerce St. I am looking forward to that show. I am not in as much of a panic as I was in July; I have more than enough stock to show at two different locations without short changing either location.

In October, I will be donating a piece for auction at the annual Heartside Gala. Egyptian Coil will be the thing. I'd like to create a necklace or collar of that pattern however I am running low on wire of the correct gague in copper. Perhaps there is enough brass wire? {note to self . . .}

Somehow I am missing a beautiful summer here, what happened?