Tuesday, June 24, 2008

Jewelry: the latest obsession

So last winter I took a jewelry class for credit; I have been fiddling with metal ever since. June 14 the ArtWalk on Division Avenue commenced. I destroyed a lot of hard work by accidentlly spraying the jewelry with white enamel instead of clear coat. [sheesh!]

I frantically scrubbed the jewelry with hot soapy water so the paint would not cure; then with acetone; panic! Next I soaked all the jewelry in mineral spirits for over two weeks in an effort to salvage some of it. No avail. Now it just stinks of mineral spirits. Even my teacher/mentor David Huang could not think of anything other than burning the paint off. Finally I dumped several of my copper cable pieces into a patination process. I salvaged three pieces. Better than nothing, live and learn.

BTW, I have gotten behind updating but . . .
for you Grand Rapidians out there; don't forget the ArtWalk Season is underway!

Dates: July 12, August 9 & September 13 2008 from 4-9 p.m.
Where: Division Avenue between Weston & Cherry.

My jewelry is on display at: Heartside Gallery
48 S. Division Avenue

See You There!