Thursday, June 18, 2009

Six Months Ago . . .

. . . I wrote about leaving 2008 behind and this is the first time I have had the time to update since then, blame it on a heavy class load.

I took an Art for Elementary Education class; the work load was intimidating but I am very glad I took that class. Long story short, it parlays into a once per week art workshop volunteer teaching gig.
I had resigned my full-time volunteer IT position after five years, recently due to the demands of a heavier class schedule; I like the once per week commitment.

I became interested in Artist Trading Cards [atc] recently as well. I find the ATC & ACEO [art cards, editions & originals] format great for trying ideas, making use of my photography & doing studies. ATCs are the same format as any other trading card; 2.5 x 3.5" and according to tradition; not for sale, only trading. However; like most indie artists, I sell to suppliment my college student poverty, so I also researched ACEOs. ACEOs are editions and original cards specifically for sale. The philosophical thought process goes something like this; If we only trade art cards, the buying market is cut out of one of our media therefore; call them something else and sell them. Purists, art card traders sniff at this "other" form of trading, I however like to eat real food once in a while, I choose to do both. You can find my photographic cards @

But What Happened to your Jewelry?
Thanks for asking. I am still twisting wire, mostly copper. I love the mysterious process of patination & find copper to be more satisfying than brass. Brass has become somewhat problematic in that it reacts to humidity very fast. Copper also naturally acquires patina but it is much easier to clean up and retains a lovely warm glow even after some wear. The last large piece I produced was the copper belt which is still posted on my Flickr.

I found a relatively new site for marketing my work, ArtFire. Unlike Etsy & EBay, there are no selling fees. Basic members are allowed ten free posts of their work, can upload their own banner and there is a "no-account" purchasing option for your customers. Sweet! If you would like your own account, use this link: Verified membership currently is $12.00 per month, ridiculously reasonable. My shop will be upgraded shortly, when I do, I will be adding the wire jewelry.

If you decide you need a banner and are clueless as to how to acomplish it, drop me an email.

That about covers the last six months, unless you want to see my art portfolio from Art for Elementary Education, Art Cards or my Wire Jewelry. In that case; visit Heartside Art Gallery during the next ArtWalk; Saturday July 17, 2009 from 4-9 pm.