Monday, April 02, 2007

Slackers Need Not Apply

March 30, 2007 — "Good Morning America" is launching the "Take Control of Your Life" tour with co-anchor Diane Sawyer and workplace contributor Tory Johnson.

The tour will consist of "GMA" and Johnson visiting three cities: Chicago, Atlanta and Denver. At each stop, Johnson will report live on "GMA" with local women. They will cultivate strategies and present steps designed to motivate and inspire women around the country to bring balance back into their lives.

Here is something I would have put my mug on television to support. Good Morning America should make this topic a regular feature. The more the American public is made aware of the benefits of flex-time, the more corporate America will accept the concept as a 'healthy' alternative to the employment/lifestyle balance. The burden of proof so to speak is on the employee. Employees with ethics constructed of warm jello & pipe cleaners will ruin this intelligent lifestyle balancing choice if their work performance drags down corporate outcome goals.

Having pulled up my career choices by the roots and gone back to school, I find there are productivity patterns in which I excel and other patterns in which I slowly implode. 9-5 in a grey cubicle is one of those sure-fire implosion circumstances. I can either do 9-5 with alot of movement or I can do a cubicle but from 7-3. I cannot do both. I find one of my productivity peaks has to do with logistics and the other has to do with movement. Sitting still-concentration no problem, just let me do it earlier in the day. Business keeps banking hours? No problem, put me where I am required to move around alot.

Due to the quirky way life scheduling occurs during college, I have discovered
I like to take one class where I am required to meet a standard every week.
This semester it was an accelerated French class. My gpa actually benefited
from that type of focused learning environment. However, at the end of the
seven week term, I really needed decompression time. Fortunately for me,
my other classes require much less focused attention. I discovered I need
a day off in the middle of the week or a three day weekend when
I have that kind of schedule.

There is a seasonal component to this for me as well. I schedule my heaviest class load for spring/summer in our trimester system. I schedule half time student status for winter term.
I like the productivity outcomes when I schedule this way.

Once corporate America becomes aware of the cost savings in flex scheduling, more companies will buy into flex scheduling. There will be a period of adjustment where Human Resources will have to take a hard look at personal character references to determine if a particular employee should be considered as a flex time candidate.

Slackers need not apply.


hooligan said...

Flex scheduling is an awesome idea. It's just a shame that the lazy people of the world will ruin it for those who will actually prosper and excel at thier job under flex scheduling conditions. When I had my shop we used flex scheduling when the work load wasn't really heavy and productivity increased. GMA should make a regular feature out of that segment, it's just a good idea.