Wednesday, April 04, 2007

Men's Health Survey Results: What She Wishes You Knew

Having recently received a jab in the ribs to contribute, the following
is excerpted from Men's Health for your consideration or amusement.
There are fifty listings in the article but that would be a bit much to
post wouldn't you agree?

Urbansurvivor is a contributing editor to VagrantMemories, Heartside.Tribe and maintains a blog as well.

1. Saying "I love you" immediately before, during, or following sex doesn't count.
2. Real men drive stick shift.
3. I will leave if you lie.
4. You are cute in raglan-sleeved T-shirts (two-toned baseball undershirts).
5. I'm convinced I'm pregnant and obsess about it for a minimum of 24 to 48 hours
before my period, even when I have no rational reason to think so.

I am unclear regarding #1, why would it matter as long as it gets said?
#2 K, can do.
#3 Perhaps this one deserves consideration
#4 Really? Hmmmm....
#5 there a dummies book on this subject? I confess; Urbansurvivor=dummie.

Sweeping generalizations aside, is any of this true? If not, why not. C'mon gals,

inquiring minds want to know.

WBF had this to say...

Geez, you couldn't post something with some intellectual weight?
This is your premier post as a contributing editor, you pick the
tired(est) horse in the paddock, men vs. women? Really.

#1. Some women might find it a bit suspicious if they heard that
phrase more frequently associated with the act of intercourse
and less frequently associated with other aspects of a relationship.
It might go well for you if you were to drop that phrase into
an observation regarding her slavish dedication to feeding you
or perhaps her meticulous attention to the exact location of all
your 41 individual socks.

#3. Yes it does. Seriously, would you wish to remain closely tied
to someone who you could not trust? You convince your boss to
hire your best friend based on a degree from university you think he has,
you find out your friend didn't quite finish that Masters, are you going
to trust him with your credibility again?
Lying in an intimate relationship breaks that trust with warp 10 speed.

#5. Biological changes over which a woman has absolutely no control,
produce seemingly irrational outcomes with maddening frequency.
If you think she gets any degree of satisfaction or pleasure from those outcomes,
you have not been paying attention to her frustration with herself.
Whenever that subject comes up, the wise man will hug her,
kiss her on her forehead or cheek and say absolutely nothing other than #1.

Try a little harder for your next post, hmmm?