Monday, January 22, 2007

Je suis fatique

Seems like I never have enough time. I have cut back on the distractions and still seems like I'm hustlin, tout les jour.

I took an accelerated french class, three hours of homework every night and a test every week. A- gpa, so far, so good. Then I took the class I have been waiting for for a year and a half; archaeology. I am four chapters ahead of my class (not on purpose) and have already finished an overview-ish type book for our field case study. I'm not too worried about that class either.

I retook a graphics class, not worried about that one even though I do not own the software and have to do my homework at school. So why do I feel like I do not have any time? And why am I so tired? These are rhetorical questions. The answers are obvious; I am more focused this year than last. That is a very good thing, as my gpa is benefiting significantly.