Thursday, July 13, 2006

I did it, Diane Lane did it, Now YOU can do it too

One month and one day ago I cut my hair. Big deal, right? Well the only living person who can remember me with short hair is my Mom. [, 40+ years ago...]

I cut my hair to give to a girlfriend who has some serious health problems and has been loosing hers steadily for ten or so years. Now we are saivng our pennies to have the hairpiece made. We made a girls day of it, including the seventeen year old daughter we share. We had great fun.

This all started because my girlfriend told me about her sister-in-law dying her hair blue and selling swipes with the clippers for a princely sum to raise money for breast cancer research. The goal was to see her with a blue mohawk before the last swipe was auctioned off. She raised alot of money that day and she too is a breast cancer survivor. I could not be outdone, so I offered my hair to start a hairpiece for my girlfriend.

When I came into work the following Monday, the story about my girlfriend flew around and a colleague came to me and asked if we would like her ponytail. My response was, "But your hair is already short-ish." She laughed and and said, she still had her ponytail from before her grown sons were born. We gratefully accepted her offer.

On the Today show this morning, actress Diane Lane let Anne Curry cut her ponytail off for a great cause;

HairUwear and Diane Lane have teamed up to produce human hair wigs, hairpieces and wiglets for women with cancer.
If you are interested in growing and donating your hair, follow this link: Hair Tips & Donations. This charity accepts both men's and women's healthy hair. Prior to this partnership, there was no chairity dedicated to women. The well known "Locks of Love" to whom Anne Curry donated her hair, works with children.

Watch Anne & Diane on the Today Show, July 13 2006