Wednesday, March 08, 2006

Mid Break Update

Five day into my alleged spring break, I actually had a day off. Yes, I did do homework, I'd like to graduate ya know. However, I spent the afternoon playing in the mud. Not early gardening, rather clay. I have access to a studio two days a week but I am always working during studio hours.

I have had a project idea in mind and today a friend of mine challanged me by noting that despite the fact I had a day off, I would not take a break. Ha, wrong day to challange me. I bought brand new tools two months ago but they stayed in the package until this afternoon. I had a very relaxing afternoon and the project's first phase turned out rather well.

Wednesday -
The last time I had a spring break was roughly sixteen years ago. Spent the first part of this one with a monster headache. Sheesh!