Monday, March 06, 2006

Spring Break, at last!

Am I on spring break yet? Can anyone tell me when it starts/ed? Why is the home page for my school so uninformative? Do they assume students will be so frenzied to get to someplace balmy, naked and sodden that they need not give us a hint?

I'm just asking...
Assuming I am on spring break, I have a ton of homework to do including but not limited to; two term papers, make-up work and hunting down 25 copyright free images for my graphics class. Break from what I ask you.

Another thing...
Why is this regularly scheduled vacation so inconveniently scheduled? I have a colleague leaving for a month the day this interlude is over, a family member is being deployed, shortly and there is a legitimate holiday coming up. Could it get any more confusing? Probably not.

If by this post you get the impression I am given to rants, you are correct. I'm attending a 12-step program for public ventors. Since these affairs are predicated on anonymity, I'll be hanged if I'm gonna divulge the URL to that little 'Net gem.

Lastly...[for the moment]
I have a bone dry sense of humor, most people miss it completely.
[think stooges fans]

Very well then, we proceed into the future...