Monday, June 22, 2009

PowerTwitter: just do it.

Following up on the Twitter as a tool train of thought, I discovered PowerTwitter this morning. PowerTwitter is a browser AddOn. Here is the URL to add it:

Note: you will not see a nice little button in your browser like other addons. However; after you login to Twitter, you will see a tiny little popup in the lower right-hand corner of your browser window.
If you do not see it, look at your address bar and make sure your Twitter URL reads: http:// not http
s://. If you see the 's', just highlight it in the URL and delete the 's'.

Click the tiny 'settings' link, make sure all the options are checked, put your password in the password field on the left under your twitter username, save it., You\'re done. NOW you can see linked URLs, and a much nicer boxed link to your ArtFire page when you post your shop link. I think this tool will become invaluable when checking out who is linking to you and what their posts are about. Eliminates the step of opening a user link in a new window to see what they are all about before granting them a follow.

I hope you find this useful.