Thursday, March 01, 2007

If you are a fellow starving student, here is a social justice cause even you can help with:

Loose Change Loosen Chains.

The myspace site was started by a high school student, Zach Hunter. It is managed and maintained with his parents help to raise awareness regarding slavery and human bondage in the modern world. What's that you say? In every major city in every country there are fellow humans who serve in compulsory labor situations, slavery. Some are cultivators of raw material for the drug trade, others are runners, organized crime grunts and of course - prostitutes of every conceivable description.

"It's estimated that 27 million people are in slavery around the world" Sourced by the UN, New York Times, Amnesty International, , and Free The Slaves, among others.

The above quote was sourced from The Amazing Change website [ ]. This site documents modern day slavery and provides several ways to effect change. Their thesis is simply that by contributing your change, you can help end slavery in one generation. Pretty good reason to give up one St*rbought(s) Macciatto per week, wouldn't you say?

Not a coffee drinker? How about brown bagging one day per week instead of eating campus food? Don't get me wrong, when you buy from your campus's food service, you are contributing to your fellow student's financial aid and that is all good. But one brown bag lunch or one thermos of Mom's houseblend java could help to save a life. Give it some thought. Off to cram for mid-terms...