Monday, May 15, 2006

I made it this far and so forth...

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HoooYaaaaahhh, the girls alive! If you know where that phrase comes from, you know I really did it this time. I've gone 47 years without breaking a bone, until this morning.

I bought myself a really cool, really expensive bagless vacume cleaner with Hepa filter this past Saturday. (no, I didn't pay retail, geeez) Anyway, I was all pleased and happy with myself, puttering around this morning before work rooting some basil, I come out of my bathroom and BAM! I smashed my right foot into the stupid thing.

At first it did not hurt. Then it hurt a little. I came downstairs to teach and it hurt some more. By lunchtime it hurt a whole heck-0f-a-lot. I went upstairs, took off my shoe and sock, tried to bend my toes, good, good. Touched the one that seemed to hurt the most and YOWSA! Yup kiddies, it's broken.

K, so far so good. No reason to go to the hospital, they're gonna tape it. So I get out my trusty, dusty (very dusty) first aid kit and tape the offended toe, then I tape it to a better toe. Cool.
However, that does not really seem to do the trick so I wrap the whole mess in a nice ace bandage. Ahhhhhhh.......much better. No drugs needed. So I come back to work and every joker who is a regular in me 'puter lab wants to clown. After the third person smacked my foot (propped up on my desk) I posted a notice that reads as follows:

The next person who smacks my foot will be out for a week. Try me. >:(

P.S. If that was not enough, see music above...(my walkzbyfaith station only allows me to request artists, albums and songs. It does not allow me to create a custom playlist.)